Ich bin ja bekennender Café-Latte-Junkie.

I’m a self-confessed latte-junkie.

Nachdem unser mega teuerer Monster Saeco Coffee Espresso Latte All Inklusive Teil seinen Dienst aufgegeben hat und mein Bodum letzte Woche das Spülen nicht überlebt hat, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer Lösung für richtig guten Home-Made Latte. Klar, ich könnte mir ein noch teureres super profi Gerät für 2000 EUR kaufen…aber so viel Geld habe ich leider gerade nicht rumliegen…deshalb google ich gerade nach Alternativen…dabei bin ich auf so manch skurriles gestoßen…

Unfortunately our expensive espresso-all-in-one machine broke down a while ago and my bodum didn’t survive it’s last rinse so I’m looking for a good way of making excellent home made latte. Sure, I could buy an even more expensive pro coffee/espresso machine for 2000 EUR but I can’t seem to find that money lying around anywhere so it has to be latte on a budget…that’s why I’m googling around a bit for alternatives….I found some crazy stuff….

Hier beispielsweise eine Anleitung von www.madmanuals.com:

This is how www.madmanuals.com advises people:

How to make coffee without a coffee machine

British coffee
1. Start an online strategy game.
2. Conquer a continent (a small island is fit too).
3. Ask aborigines to make coffee.
4. Drink it.
5. Set aborigines free and leave the continent.
6. Game over!
Tip: Choose a continent where the coffee trees grow.

African coffee
1. Feed an african animal with coffee-beans.
2. Let him go but keep an eye on him.
3. Find his product of life.
4. Find the coffee beans inside.
5. Sell them up on eBay as a unique single coffee dose.
6. Go to cafe and drink as much espresso as you want.
Warning: Don’t even try to feed a lion. He doesn’t like coffee!

Australian coffee
1. Take a cup and the bigger, the better.
2. Fill it with coffee beans and add water.
3. Take a boomerang and throw it.
4. Hold the cup, as strong as possible.
5. Catch the boomerang in your cup.
6. Holding the cup at arm’s length, look after the vortex that the boomerang forms.
7. As soon as boomerang stops, take it out.
8. Enjoy the coffee!
Warning: Keep aloof from kangaroos – they adore playing with boomerangs!

Russian coffee
1. Take an enameled plate (because you have no another dish as wide as a circle of your cooking appliance).
2. Put in several teaspoons of preground coffee, sugar, cinnamon, and ginger and add vodka (half a bottle is enough).
3. Cook as long as you’re able to wait for its readiness.
4. Percolate it.
5. Suck it out through a cocktail straw.
Tip: You can use beer instead of vodka. Esp. if you’re in morning-after condition.

Arctic coffee
1. Leave a container with coffee beans outdoors.
2. Wait some hours until the frozen coffee beans.
3. Cut the coffee beans with an axe or saw them up.
4. Fill a pot with the preground coffee and add some ice.
5. Your coffee cocktail is ready!
Tip: Share it with a polar bear. It’s so extreme!

Maya coffee
1. Take several brilliant coffee beans and add some liquid gold.
2. Let this mix be hardened.
3. Hide it.
4. Leave a message in cipher on the wall of a temple with way to the cup of coffee.
Tip: Use liquid silver instead of gold if you wanna make a cappuccino.

Texas coffee
1. Put a pouch with coffee beans under the saddle.
2. Back the horse at a jump.
3. Ride within an hour, enjoying the riding.
4. Remember, that you have a mind to coffee.
5. Get into a saloon and drink whisky.
6. Give the pouch with coffee beans to your wife to stop her grumbling about your late coming back under the influence.
Tip: Taking a gun, you’ll have the coffee-beans of more fine grinding. The lager caliber, the better.

Ich wollte es mir eigentlich gerne etwas einfacher machen :o))

Habt ihr einen Tipp für mich?

Ich danke euch!!

Does anyone have any less time-consuming suggestions? Thanks a million!!

xoxo Andrea

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  1. Oh Andrea, I totally feel your pain. I am a latte addict myself and our super automatic coffee maker is giving us grief. It’s to the point where I can’t ignore it, and it needs to go to the shop to see if there is hope for it. My other half and I have discussed that we might just have to layout some money to get another because we can’t imagine living without a coffee machine.

    I’ve also managed to break all the carafes for our Bodum plungers!

    I wish I had a solution for you because it would be a solution for me. I was thinking about getting a little stovetop espresso maker while our machine is in the shop.

  2. Dear Sara,

    thanks so much for understanding!

    Our Saeco WOULD probably still work but it leaks out of every creak and so, if I don’t want to die of eloctrulotion, it’s something I can’t ignore anymore either…out of sheer desperation I did to start with but in the end common sense got the better of me so now I am admitting that it needs to be fixed…the saeco-guy said the problem was common and that these machines need to be professionally cleaned regularly….(like once a month if you’re using it every day…which, duuuh, of course I do!)
    Do you knwo anyone who uses the bodum santos system? Apparently it’s menat to be quite good…
    Anyway, good luck to you!! And keep me updated :O)) I will too :o))

  3. Also wir haben die Maschine von Tchibo mit den Kapseln für 69 Euro. Das ist so unschlagbar günstig und die Kapseln bekommt man ohne Probleme in jedem Supermarkt. Natürlich sind sie teurer als so ein Sack Bohnen, aber wenn ich 2,50 für 10 Kapseln ausgebe kostet jeder Latte 25 Cent (plus Milch). Das finde ich ziemlich ok. Ich müsste ne ganze Menge Kaffee trinken, bis sich so ein 2000 Euro-Gerät mit den günstigeren Bohnen armortisieren würde. Aber natürlich kommt es darauf an, wie häufig am Tag das Maschinchen laufen soll. :o)
    LG, Julia

  4. Hi Andrea,
    I have a Saeco too. Have it professionally cleaned once a month? YIKES that is a big ask. I do run blank shots through ours and always steam some water or run water through the frother to make sure it doesn’t clog.

    Our machine has been pretty good. It has been only been serviced once, and it was over 2 years ago and we’ve had it 5 years, so I think it’s long over due. Our brew unit keeps getting ‚blocked‘. It can’t get through its brewing cycle, but if we take it out of the machine and give it a little shake then pop it back it, it works. But it’s really annoying and it’s obvious that a professional needs to give the machine some attention.

    I’m just having issues with being separated from it. Last time we took it to be service it took weeks because we took the machine in November thinking we would have it back before Christmas. We didn’t get it back until the end of January because a part was needed and Saeco was closed over Christmas. It was a long two months!

    I hope you can get your machine fixed and it won’t cost too much!


  5. huhu.. willst du caffe latte oder latte macciato machen?? meld dich kurz dann geb ich dir gerne tips.. auf die bohne kommt es an und auf die geschäumte milch…..

  6. Anonymous

    Hallo Andrea,
    ich trinke auch für mein Leben gerne Latte Macchiato und Cafe au Lait. Bis letztes Jahr hatte ich die Kapselmaschine von Tch*bo, war aber absolut enttäuscht von ihr. Im letzten September habe ich mir dann die Pad-Maschine von WMF gekauft und bin absolut begeistert! Mein Kaffee-Verbrauch hat sich seitdem min. verdoppelt ;o). Kann diese Maschine also nur empfehlen.
    Liebe Grüße

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